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Cancellation Policy for UMN Students

The information on this page overrides any verbal or written information one may have received regarding refunds.

Students who wish to cancel their participation on this program must log into their Education Abroad account online and submit a cancel request by selecting the "Cancel Application" button on the bottom of the checklist page. The date/time stamp of this cancellation request will determine the refund eligibility according to the above policy. Institutions paying on behalf of the student participant are responsible according to the same schedule.


Financial Obligation
The application fee and confirmation deposit are non-refundable. The Learning Abroad Center and IonE reserve space on the program for the participant upon receipt of the Confirmation and Payment Agreement. At this point, the Learning Abroad Center and IonE incur certain non-recoverable costs. Therefore, any participant who cancels at any time after the Confirmation and Payment Agreement has been received will be responsible for the following:


Learning Abroad Center and LAC Affiliate Programs less than 30 days in length
Individual students cancelling their participation (prior to program start date) will be billed for:


  • 75 days or more prior to start date [Oct 26, 2024]
    Application fee + confirmation deposit 

  • 74–60 days prior to start date [Oct 27, 2024 - Nov 10, 2024]
    Application fee + 25% of remaining program costs

  • 59–45 days prior to start date [Nov 09, 2024 - Nov 25, 2024]
    Application fee + 50% of remaining program costs

  • 44–31 days prior to start date [Nov 26, 2024 - Dec 09, 2024]
    Application fee + 75% of remaining program costs

  • 30 days or less prior to start date [Dec 10, 2024]
    Application fee + 100% of remaining program costs

Note: Students will be responsible for their individually booked flights if they choose to cancel. Specific cancellation policies will be set by the airline.


Embedded Programs
Germany: Leading the Renewables Revolution is an embedded program. For programs with coursework on campus before and/or after a period spent abroad, regular UofM cancellation deadlines, penalties, and policies will apply to tuition and fees for the on-campus course. The Learning Abroad Center cancellation policies will apply to the abroad component of the course based on the start date of the period abroad. Dropping the on-campus course in Onestop does not constitute notifying the Learning Abroad Center. Students who wish to cancel their participation must log into their Education Abroad account online and submit a cancel request. 


Transfer a Deposit to a Future Program
If a student cancels their participation in a program after confirming and pays all required cancellation fees (see above), they can request to use the $200 deposit toward the cost of a new program. The initial $50 application fee is non-refundable. The start date of the new program must be no more than one year from the start date of the original program. Deposits will not automatically be applied to new programs; students must make a request via email.


Appeal for Refund
Students in this program must reach out to The Institute on the Environment, not the Learning Abroad Center, to appeal the Cancellation Policy when cancelling for extenuating circumstances.
Any request for a refund must be emailed with subject line "Appeal for Refund" to 
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