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Graduate Students

The graduate students enrolled in this course will be held to graduate-level expectations.


Graduate students will participate in an enhanced role in all workshops and in-country activities, which means preparing for and asking questions each day. They may be asked to prepare short special topic briefings for the German ministry partners. They will also need to complete all academic work with the focus, thoroughness and accuracy appropriate to the graduate level, meaning their work indicates what is labelled a “capstone,” or 4 on a 1-4 scale, level of achievement, as described in the Association of Amercian Colleges and Universities (AACU) Critical Thinking VALUE rubric.


Graduate students will be expected to complete a well-researched and professionally presented final paper and to write a final reflection essay on the course experience and on their own professional development. This essay will afford graduate students a chance to offer their insights and suggestions with regard to the course's substantive content and pedagogy and to outline steps for their own professional development in the area of energy transition work and research.

Note: For graduate students, fee structure needs to be addressed on an individual basis. Please contact Beth Mercer-Taylor at

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